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RTW trip conclusions

The most important lessons from our rtw trip

Movies always finish with some kind of happy milestone, like a romantic wedding or the good news that the Earth has been saved by the chosen superhero, but real life - unlike movies - never freezes at this vague "ever after". And that's how I feel about the end of our rtw trip. It's been wonderful and wonderfully long, but since life doesn't stop like a movie we naturally entered the new period of our lives which will be dedicated to creating a lifestyle of our dreams...  [Read more]

Belarus birds

Belarus - the second unexpected detour from our rtw route, a wonderful month in the life of Atuk, and frustrating paperwork

While all roads lead to Rome, our rtw itinerary in some invisible dimension seems to be magnetized to my home country Belarus. And while it's always great to see my family, I wish there was at least one time that I was going to visit them without having to arrange some documents. Just like the first time during this rtw trip...  [Read more]

Santa Marianita

How an Ecuadorian pickpocket put a sudden end to our rtw trip

One of the most important things we learnt on this rtw trip is that it's worthwhile to always at least try to maintain a philosophical attitude to life no matter what happens to us, irregardless of whether it looks good or bad, because such good/bad labels are only the result of how near-sighted we can be in seeing our real destiny. In short, the universe knows best, so it's best not to argue with it...  [Read more]

Season's Greetings 2013

Season's Greetings for 2013

And once again - for the third time during this rtw trip - we are greeting the new year. The spirit of celebration goes perfectly well with all the daunting prophecies of Armageddon, as seeing the bigger picture of life always makes the human-being appreciate the little things it's made of. So amid all of these disturbing predictions...  [Read more]

Ecuador part II

Ecuador - cloud forests, volcanoes and colonial cities, part II

The next day we left Mindo very early in order to arrive by midday in Otavalo, after an unwelcome but inevitable transfer in Quito. We arrived in Quito at about 9am but had a half-expected surprise - due to a national holiday the bus terminal was packed with locals heading for all sorts of destinations to benefit from a long weekend. Naturally, with shopping being one of the most favourite local "fiesta" pastimes, Otavalo was the top weekend destination...  [Read more]

Ecuador part I

Ecuador - cloud forests, volcanoes and colonial cities, part I

Having got our puppy just a few days before leaving Peru for Ecuador, we were still in a state of figuring out the most optimized routine for travelling with this little creature. Like all puppies, he needed his regular meals, naps, walks and play sessions, all of which had to fit into the travelling routine, so our task was to combine the two routines - puppy and travel - into a manageable process. In the first week we still didn't know exactly how it all would go, so we made some blunders from time to time...  [Read more]


Atuk - our new travel companion, or how we got a puppy in Peru during our rtw trip

We have big news and even bigger news. We'll postpone revealing the bigger news till later and the big news is that WE GOT A DOG! We've already written about the heartbreaking parting with the sweet puppy in Peru, and how we were torn whether to keep it or not. But since the universe sent us a huge sign in the form of a wonderful girl who volunteered to adopt the puppy, we felt it belonged with her. However, the couple of weeks we spent with that dog, keeping it in the roof of our hotel and taking it to various places like eateries and markets, opened our eyes to the fact that travelling with a pet was possible...  [Read more]

Peru jungle

Peru - the Amazon jungle tour

While an internal flight would have been a much faster option for about the same money, ever since watching the "Motorcycle Diaries" we've wanted to experience a journey through the Amazon on board of one of those big old ferries where you can pass a few days peacefully swinging in your hammock and looking at the muddy river and the endless jungle along its shores. The overland itinerary to get from Trujillo to Iquitos (our destination in the Amazon region) is pretty long...  [Read more]

Peru treks

Peru - Salkantay and Santa Cruz treks

This post is dedicated to two of the most popular treks in Peru - Salkantay (an alternative to the overpriced Inca Trail) and Santa Cruz (a gorgeous range in the Cordillera Blanca). We trekked both trails independently (as we always do)...  [Read more]


Peru - Inca ruins, mountains, the Amazon jungle and foreigner discrimination

Like I mentioned in the previous post, the first two weeks we spent in Peru were dedicated mostly to rehabilitating a puppy with a broken paw we found in Arequipa. During that time we made two short trips (to Cobanaconda and Puno) and the normal travelling routine started only after the puppy's paw healed and it was adopted by a wonderful Peruvian family. This post is about the cities and natural, cultural and historical wonders we visited in Peru.  [Read more]

Street puppy

Two weeks in the life of a street puppy

When it was about one month old it was separated from the mum and put in a cage with the rest of the brothers and sisters. From its cage it could smell and see other weird creatures in the neighbouring cages (it wouldn't be able to name them but we know that they were guinea pigs, rabbits, chicken, ducklings, kittens etc.). Everyday a lot of people would pass by the cage, pat it on the head, some would even hold and stroke it (that felt good!). Many days passed...  [Read more]


Chile - mountains, hitchhiking, coastal desert cities and pelicans

Chile greeted us by a spectacular snowfall with huge snowflakes swirling around the giant shrubs with fancy "haircuts" (a signature plant of Punta Arenas) and roads so icy we had to be careful with every step. Punta Arenas was a sweet little town and we saw almost the whole of it just looking for a hotel...  [Read more]


Argentina - amazing animals, glaciers and strikes

Places we travelled in Argentina: Buenos Aires, Mendoza vineyards, Bariloche lake views, whales and sealions in Puerto Madryn, all roads leading to Rio Gallegos, and Glacier Perito Moreno in El Calafate. Things we observed about this country: Evita, "Las Malvinas son Argentinas", mate, fine-dining, queues, dog-lovers, tango, Chinese supermarkets, per-kilo prices, absence of change money to pay the bus, strikes a-la Argentina and more...  [Read more]


The quiet and simple beauty of Paraguay

Very few travellers come to Paraguay and, reciprocating this attitude, Paraguay doesn't expect any travellers. (So far it's been the only country where we couldn't find a single postcard so had to make one). That's because it's not a country of stunning landscapes and striking culture: the lush but monotonous green pastures could be the foreground to dramatic mountains but in Paraguay are the essence of the scenery, and hedonistic consumption ("bread and circuses") is the axis of this heavily americanized culture...  [Read more]


Bolivia - amazing landscapes and proud mountain folk, part III (Oruro, La Paz, Lake Titicaca, Tiwanaku, El Choro and Huayna Potosi)

Our last couple of weeks in Bolivia - a quick stop in Oruro, a much longer one in La Paz, a day trek through Isla del Sol on Lake Titicaca - the birthplace of Inca civilization, a trip to the ruins of T