We are temporarily suspending our blogging activity in China

Hi, everyone!

Tomorrow we are leaving for mainland China again. As we already mentioned, since they are quite good in filtering their cyber space, some of the websites including the blogger are not accessible there. Here in Hong Kong we were able to finally check the blog, read the comments and put new posts. We also acquired a record number of 3 visas which will cover us for almost half a year! We are now planning to travel Guilin and Yunnan for a couple of weeks and after that we go to Tibet. From there we will cross to Nepal and spend almost a month there. After that we will fly to Myanmar, and then - to Thailand.

We are not sure when we will be able to access the blog again, but once we are back we will make again long, very long :-) posts (our excuse is that it's kind of our diary :-) ). We do appreciate enormously all the comments! And we will be back when we are back!


Olga and Jordi