We are temporarily suspending our blogging activity in China

Hi, everyone!

Tomorrow we are leaving for mainland China again. As we already mentioned, since they are quite good in filtering their cyber space, some of the websites including the blogger are not accessible there. Here in Hong Kong we were able to finally check the blog, read the comments and put new posts. We also acquired a record number of 3 visas which will cover us for almost half a year! We are now planning to travel Guilin and Yunnan for a couple of weeks and after that we go to Tibet. From there we will cross to Nepal and spend almost a month there. After that we will fly to Myanmar, and then - to Thailand.

We are not sure when we will be able to access the blog again, but once we are back we will make again long, very long :-) posts (our excuse is that it's kind of our diary :-) ). We do appreciate enormously all the comments! And we will be back when we are back!


Olga and Jordi

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Please, be back sonn to the blog. Our envy needs more and more details about your adevntures. Lasts posts are absolutly .....mmmm bestialssss??
Please take notes about everithing you do, we want to know every detail.

Posted by Quique on Monday, 08.9.10 @ 00:00am | #2505

Hey you guys,
nice to see something from you again. I will read the long long "blog" entry later on. And I really appreciate all the work you guys are putting into here. Really really.
Take care,

Posted by Steffen on Thursday, 08.12.10 @ 00:00am | #2506

Hi Jordi and Olga, hoop to see and hear soon more from you. Keep up the posts.
Enjoy Tibet and Nepal

Posted by Jan on Thursday, 08.12.10 @ 00:00am | #2507

Who knows something about the travellers? Albert! You must have some news!

Posted by Alba on Thursday, 08.19.10 @ 00:00am | #2508

Hi all! Last Thursday I received an email from Jordi. He said: "Today we'll take a train to Lhasa... 44h seating on a chair (there wasn't any free bed)! In a week, after visiting Tibet, we'll moved to Nepal. I'll celebrate my Birthday (29 August) at the Everest base camp."

Posted by Alba on Monday, 08.23.10 @ 00:00am | #2509

I want pictures!!...
I wnat to know everithing.... the envy take posesion of me......

Posted by Quique on Tuesday, 08.24.10 @ 00:00am | #2510

MOLTES FELICITATS JORDI! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! No tothom pot celebrar el seu aniversari envoltat de muntanyes de 8000 metres! Disfruta-ho i fes un brindis a la teva salut amb llet de yac :)

Posted by Alba on Sunday, 08.29.10 @ 00:00am | #2511


Posted by Quique on Tuesday, 08.31.10 @ 00:00am | #2512

Мы рады за вас!!!!!!! От Шарабариных!

Posted by Anonymous on Tuesday, 09.7.10 @ 00:00am | #2513

Parella! Per on volteu ara?

Posted by Alba on Tuesday, 09.7.10 @ 00:00am | #2514

Hi everybody!
As you may know, we crossed overland to Nepal the 30th of August. This means that we left China and Tibet and that we can again access the blog.
Quick update: so far have been to Tibet, trekked to the Everest Base Camp (the day of my birthday) and done a 8-day trek around the Annapurna!

Posted by Jordi on Friday, 09.10.10 @ 00:00am | #2515

Privet bolshoy i druznoy sem'je Sharabarinyh:-)!
U nas vse otlichno - vot tol'ko s gor Nepala spustilis' nazad v tsivilizatsiyu. Kak budet vremya, razmestim novye fotografii. Obnimaem vas vseh! Olya

Posted by Olga on Friday, 09.10.10 @ 00:00am | #2516

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